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Climate Reality chapter introduction

Today, I hosted a call of current trainees to the Climate Reality Project, to introduce them to the Boston Metro chapter. It was well attended, with over 20 new leaders joining and expressing interest in getting involved.

Buy Nothing Somerville planning

Today, I connected with several potential admins to chat about some potential changes to Buy Nothing Somerville. We’ve grown to over 5,500 members, which is getting a bit too large. We’ve got a plan; just have to figure out how to pull it off now.

Building Electrification Accelerator materials

Today, I caught up on reading and viewing materials for the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification Accelerator. I’m representing Somerville and trying to keep up with the rest of my team members.

Eversource and Columbia Gas

Today, I co-signed a Gas Leaks Allies letter on behalf of Climate Reality Project’s Boston Metro chapter. The letter covers a lot of ground, but it covers the state’s approval of Eversource’s acquisition of the bankrupt Columbia Gas’s operations (you remember them; they were the utility that blew up on Lawrence) — with some important oversight requirements.

Building Electrification Accelerator

Today, I joined the third session of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Building Electrification Accelerator program, representing Somerville. With the Attorney General’s recent decision about Brookline’s gas prohibition weighing on us, we’re still working with other cities and towns to weigh our options.

Climate Coalition of Somerville membership

Today, I invited new members to join the Climate Coalition of Somerville. We’d love to get more people involved and expand our “membership.”

Climate Reality Boston Metro chapter meeting

Today, I led a call with the Boston Metro chapter of the Climate Reality Project. We’ve added over 50 members over the past month, with the virtual training behind us, so it’s nice to introduce folks to the chapter and get them excited.

Climate-Labor Summit planning session

Today, I joined another planning session for the Climate Labor Summit coming up in September. Plans are really coming together now.

Climate Reality Boston support

Today, I made a donation to support the Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter. After all, I’m the co-chair of the chapter, so I ought to show my own support, right?

MCAN Better Buildings

This is an odd time in the Massachusetts legislature. The legislative session is essentially over (though there are some budget-related items to take care of at some point). And the House did manage to pass a few bills at the deadline — including a climate bill that now needs to be reconciled with a bill that the Senate passed back in January. So a conference committee is working on that right. Today, I signed a letter, drafted by MCAN’s Better Buildings campaign, on behalf of the Climate Coalition of Somerville asking for the conference committee to use the Senate’s key language around net zero stretch code for buildings statewide.

Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

I’m on vacation this week in Down East Maine. I had a great hike yesterday and another today in a nearby nature preserve, the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park ; it’s a remarkable place. Today, I made a donation to the Friends of the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park through a donation box near one of the trail heads. Snags in the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

MCAN Development Committee

Today, I joined the weekly call of the MCAN Development Committee, as we work to finalize our development plan for 2020 and 2021.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust

I’m in Maine on vacation this week, on the coast in Down East. It’s truly stunning part of the world. Today, I made a donation to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust , which i working to preserve conserved lands in the region.

Pacific Islander media

Today, I made a Kiva loan to an entrepreneur starting what may be the only ethnic media outlets for Pacific Islanders in the US. They intend to represent the Pacific Islander community through contemporary and islanesian indigenous music, and content from DJs and social influencers.

Make-a-Wish Foundation

Today, I made a donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. It was actually a benefit for ordering a card through Emma’s Custom Card shop on Etsy.

Don’t Subsidize Pollution in Springfield!

Did you know that biomass incinerators create even more carbon emissions and air pollution than coal plants? Not only that: they lead to unacceptably high levels of respiratory disease for those unfortunate enough to live nearby. And it’s invariably those with less means who live nearby. Today, I signed a petition demanding that the state legislature NOT classify commercial wood burning biomass incinerators as “non emitting sources” of energy. There is only one incinerator like this proposed in the state – right in the center of Springfield – a city that has been named the asthma capital of the United States twice by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Climate support group

Today, I joined the monthly meeting of a climate support group I’m in, getting to know five other amazing climate activists.

Boynton Yards developer

Today, I helped compile notes and feedback for the developer of the Boynton Yards area of Somerville.

MCAN Development Committee Meeting

Today, I joined a weekly meeting of the MCAN Development Committee as we made a big push to get a development plan together.

Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change

Today, I joined the monthly meeting of the Somerville Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change for a great presentation by Cambridge HEET .

RMI Accelerator Somerville team meeting

Today, I joined a Somerville team meeting for the Rocky Mountain Institute building electrification accelerator.

Climate Coalition of Somerville meeting

Today, I joined the Climate Coalition of Somerville for our monthly meeting. We were joined by a state representative covering part of Somerville and had a great discussion about climate priorities and statehouse goings on.

Climate Coalition of Somerville meeting prep

The Climate Coalition of Somerville has a meeting tomorrow evening. But we have two guest speakers and they hadn’t been confirmed and we don’t have a meeting agenda. Today, I spent some time confirming speakers and drafting an agenda.

CREW planters

The Somerville CREW team is putting together a pilot planter project, in connection with the City’s Shared Streets rollout. Today, I gave some input to some language for the signage related to things like why the plants are important and how to learn more/get involved.

Climate Reality Boston leadership call

Today, I joined a monthly call with the Climate Reality Project Boston Metro chapter leadership team.

Catching up

I’ve gotten myself involved in a lot of climate organizations. Today, I spent some time getting organized among by board commitments (MCAN and Charles River Watershed Association), my activist commitments (Climate Coalition of Somerville, Climate Reality Project, Climate-Labor Summit), my municipal commitments (Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change). Just typing all those names out makes me realize how behind I am.

Climate Reality Global Training One Planning

Today, I joined a call with a group of recently trained Climate Reality leaders to talk about next steps going forward.

MCAN Development Committee Meeting

Today, I joined a meeting for MCAN’s Development Committee. It’s going to be a lot of work getting this plan together so we’re meeting weekly for the next month or so.

Climate Labor Summit planning call

Today, I joined the biweekly planning call for the upcoming Climate Labor Summit. We’re getting to a point where we make things concrete so there’s a lot left to do, but we’re getting there.

Climate Reality chapter leaders call

Today, I joined the monthly Climate Reality chapter leaders call.

MCAN bylaws

Today, I worked with the Climate Coalition of Somerville (CCS) toward approving a change to MCAN’s bylaws. CCS is an MCAN chapter, so the changes need to be approved.